N. Chandrababu Naidu, Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh
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Key Metrics
No of Calls Registered Today 17
No of Grievance Redressed Today 16
Total Calls Recorded 65874
Total Enquired Calls(From Sep 2011) 349963
Total outBound Calls(From Jul 2012) 2481
Total Calls 418318
No of Calls Enquired On 22 May 2015 200
Highest Number of Calls
Disability 26204

About RDCallCentre

The Ministry of Rural Development, Andhra Pradesh has established this call centre with an objective of integrating the grievance redressal process through an effective use of Information and Communication Technology.The ultimate goal is to create a one-stop public grievance handling and resolution system, characterized by high efficiency of resolution and real time reporting. Beneficiary satisfaction is the key driving force for this innovation. The Department of Rural Development has a vision to develop the call centre into a complete information system in due course.